Wally Wood Disney Memorial Orgy

Paul Krassner write about the "Wally Wood Disney Memorial Orgy" illustration in the LA Weekly. Mark Mauer of the Weekley says: "You can see why it's a special piece of art, and I allowed it to be blown up to 600 pixels to see better detail, which is larger than most any image on our site by 50%."

Picture 4On behalf of my magazine, The Realist, I contacted Mad's Wally Wood and, without mentioning any specific details, told him my general notion of a memorial orgy at Disneyland. He accepted the assignment and presented me with a magnificently degenerate montage, a detail of which you see here. Pluto is pissing on a portrait of Mickey Mouse, while the real, bedraggled Mickey is shooting up heroin. His nephews are jerking off as they watch Goofy fucking Minnie Mouse on a combination bed and cash register. The beams shining out from Sleeping Beauty's Castle are actually dollar signs. Dumbo is simultaneously flying and shitting on an infuriated Donald Duck. Huey, Dewey and Louie are peeking at Daisy Duck's asshole as she watches the Seven Dwarfs groping Snow White. The prince is snatching a peek of Cinderella's snatch while trying a glass slipper on her foot. The Three Little Pigs are humping each other in a daisy chain. Jiminy Cricket leers as Tinker Bell does a striptease and Pinocchio's nose gets longer.

I saw a large poster of this at Richard Metzger's place, done up in color. It was beautiful. That Wally Wood sure knew how to draw. It's a shame he blew his brains out. Link