New stuff from Jim Woodring

Artist Jim Woodring has updated his site with a bunch of new sketches, animations, and prints.

Here for you is the fledgling edition of The Woodring Monitor. It
consists of links to: some new sketchbook pages, the previously
unpublished text of a talk given last summer in San Francisco, tin toy
animations by Bob Smolenski, some new merchandise, a small selection of
new art for sale, and a little news.

Peace and love,

Jim Woodring

(Just write back if this is an unconscionable intrusion into your inbox
and I swear I'll never bother you again.)


MindStates Conference Talk —this will particularly
appeal to those of you who miss the days of Jim Magazine

Bob Smolenski Animations inspired by JW Tin Toy

Toys! The
Frank Toys are here at last and looking so fine! Available in two
varieties, plain and with a print.

DVD of
animation inspired by the Frank comics, with soundtracks by Bill
Frisell, James McNew of Yo la Tengo, Dame Darcy, and many more! Includes
"Whimgrinder" by JW as well.

New Frank Comic! The Lute
String, a numinous tale of trans-dimensional tomfoolery.

Two New Giclée Prints! Now available
in the store, along with the color print The Legend. These two new
black&white prints are faithful reproductions of two of my favorite
drawings of the past ten years.

Little Winter Art Show!
Madame W will be adding more art as the month goes by, so you might
check back from time to time.

And last but not least, coming January 29th to Zankel Hall in New York,
another JW and Bill Frisell collaboration.