Peeling bananas from the other end is easier

I've been opening my bananas stem-side first all my life. On Friday, David showed me how monkeys open bananas. They pinch them on the other end. Boy, it's a lot easier. I'll never open a banana the dumb way again.

Reader comment: Kevin says: "I learned this genius monkey technique a few years ago and it was a
defining moment in my life. An added bonus is that the stem end of the
banana pops out easily once you've eaten down that far."

Pesco comment: All the credit goes to Sean Ness who taught me the trick on Friday.

Reader comment: Adam says: "This is an article written for by my college economics professor – Steven Landsburg. He attempts to use economics to explain why people peel bananas differently than monkeys. It might be an interesting follow up to your recent post about peeling bananas."

Reader comment: Steve has a video that shows how bananas can be split into three longitudinal pieces.