Richard Dawkins hosts UK TV show about religious faith

Panopticist reviews a UK TV special he bittorrented called The Root of All Evil?, hosted and narrated by devout atheist Richard Dawkins.

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From the vantage point of the United States, the program is remarkable: You simply would never encounter such a brazen denunciation of religious faith on this country's airwaves, because the outcry from the religious right would be deafening. Dawkins's narration drips with contempt; as he goes about his rounds, it's as if he can hardly restrain himself from shouting, "I'm surrounded by IDIOTS!" The smoke coming out of his ears leaves a trail behind him wherever he goes.

In the seven-and-a-half minute clip linked through the image below, Dawkins visits Colorado Springs to attend a sermon by an influential but proudly ignorant pastor. In a conversation with Dawkins after the sermon, the pastor likens the event to a rock concert. Dawkins suggests that it was more akin to a Nuremberg rally —- a comparison that the pastor appears to be too uneducated and ignorant to be offended by.


Reader comment:


I actually saw this program in the UK, and the particular part you mention
in that clip is superb to see.

The Pastor doesn't really get upset onscreen, afterwards he apparently came
up to the crew in the car park and told them to get off his land because he
had called his worshippers animals. That's a reference to Dawkins saying
that we're descended from apes!

There are some amazingly good scenes, and very strong arguments. From my
little write up of it there are a few links to some essays he's written which are even more
powerful. The essay about religion and human guided missiles is very tough
going. You've got to admire him.