Honey, let's plan a romantic getaway for two — on an oil rig

Two oil companies have signed on to Mohamed Al Fayed's plans to open a hotel on an oil rig off the east coast of Scotland.

The Harrods owner wants to create a 50-bedroom country-house style hotel on a platform in the Cromarty Firth (…) by 2008. If approved, the attraction would also boast a visitor centre, a shop and a restaurant. Two unidentified oil companies have approved the use of their platforms.

Link (via Better Living Through Miles)

Reader comment: Vetnoir says,

I thought it might intrest you to know that there is already a place like this down here in SE Asia. Link.

Reader comment: Cholten99 says,

Sounds a lot like Christopher Brookmyre's book "One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night".

(Thanks, David Neill, and Dave!)