MSFT, YHOO to build data centers near NSA's in WA?

According to this AP item, Microsoft and Yahoo may soon build massive data storage facilities in a rural corner of Washington state known for wide open spaces and potato farms. Coincidentally (hmmmm?), the site is not far from a large NSA data-mining facility. BoingBoing reader Stricky thinks something sinister may be afoot:

What if the NSA, using the combined research muscle of both Yahoo and Microsoft were developing a supercomputer. … (dramatic pause) … A supercomputer that … (another dramatic pause) … runs on POTATOES! If that's the case then God help us. God help us all.

Link to AP story. And remember, potatoes have EYES.

NSA Echelon Facility at Yakima, WA.

Reader comment: Sej sez,

Did you see this entry about a 500-potato battery on the MAKE Blog? Link.