Halloween li'l baby squid costume

Scott Beale says, "This showed up at squid.us today. Happy Halloween!" Link.

BoingBoing reader Erik Johnson, of the Charles S. Anderson Design Co. says:

We saw your BoingBoing posting on the squid costume and thought we'd send this one along… a few years back Target hired us to design their Halloween campaign, including a some new low-cost costume ideas. This is one that got produced, we called it "lil' squirt." Of course, it was only produced that year. Thanks– we love BoingBoing!

Leontine Greenberg says,

You should give props to BabyStyle.com for the
blue octopus costume – It's not on their site any more
(I guess they sold out, due to the awesomeness?), but
that's who makes them. Our baby and one of her baby
friends wore them last night as well. They were
excellent little octopi.

Spring Maxfield says,

"Here's another squid costume! This one was made by my brilliant friend Anna Costa of SF. This is her son Atom: Link."