Boston LED terror scare: a message to the media

Image: Ed Adkins, who lives in Guam, has a memo for big media outlets he believes are botching the hell out of the Boston LED terror story.

Sean Bonner feels the same way, and says:

From Metroblogging Boston, here's the first and last posts on the topic. Also reports from Chicago and Austin. Here in Los Angeles I wrote about it yesterday and again this morning. On MSNBC about 45 minutes ago they had some woman in a power suit pontificating about it all saying that there is no way you can "over react to a situation like this" and that "when you idea of a prank is someone elses idea of terrorism you have a problem." No, the problem is when a goofy cartoon character made out of a home made Light-Bright giving you the finger if your idea of terrorism you are the one who needs a Bahamavention.

Link. Infernal machines, indeed.

Link to image (by Kalapusa). As commenter "stretch" on Sean's blog post said,

If the last six years needed a punchline, it was delivered in Boston yesterday.

BB reader Margaret Maloney says, "Boston's best paper, The Weekly Dig, is properly ashamed of the way our city has reacted to a bunch of LEDs and D batteries." Snip:

Next, let's all get out our dictionary and look up "hoax", shall we? Because while "War of the Worlds" was a hoax, this was not. There was no subterfuge involved, and no effort made to convince people that these devices were bombs. If I see a scary looking tree out my bedroom window, think it's a monster, and then discover upon closer inspection that it isn't, it doesn't mean the tree has perpetrated a hoax against me. What it means is that for a moment I took leave of my senses. And just because I'm embarrassed about it doesn't give me the right to go cut down the tree.


(Image: thanks, Jason)

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