History Dudes books for kids


DK publishing is launching a new series of books for kids called History Dudes ("Dudes from the past tell it like it was"). They do a good job of presenting both the daily life and important events in the lives of civilizations of the past.

My daughter was genuinely interested in them, and we had fun going through them togther. Knowing next to nothing about the ancient Egyptians or Vikings aside from what I picked up in movies and Thor comics, I learned something, too.

They're written by Laura Buller, and illustrated by Rich Cando, the creator of the fun Star Wars cartoon tribute, Star Dudes.

Img 0234 (Click on thumbnail for enlargement) Like most DK books, the information is presented in a highly graphic, non-linear form. So far, DK has announced two titles in the series:

Viking Dudes | Ancient Egyptian Dudes