Amanda Visell's book and toy sculpture

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The wonderfully talented Amanda Visell has a new art book, called Popping Through Pictures. In Amanda's world, children play with nanny robots and hide under their covers from closet-dwelling beasties, animals sit on the porch and play old timey music, and elephants happily swallow English double decker buses.

Her use of gouache (opaque water color paint) brings to mind the whimsical work of Disney concept artist Mary Blair.

She'll be at the ComiCon in San Diego, signing copies of her book and selling her "What did I eat? — Ephunt" set which includes a unique hand painted sculpture and print, in a limited edition of 25 for $(removed)

Visit her at the Munky King booth #4639 Friday and Saturday 11-12, and at the Baby Tattoo booth #601 Friday at 4.

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