Avoid paying corrupt traffic cops in Bali

Nomad4ever has a tutorial on how to avoid paying phony fines to crooked traffic cops in Bali. He lists several things you can do to save yourself from paying a fine that would be better spent on a couple of bottles of cold beer.

Rule number one: don't stop for the cop when they try to pull you over. They'll forget about you and find another sucker:

Don’t stop in the first place. Am I kidding you? Not! As the ‘Patroli’ are usually waiting for their prey in not easily visible corners or side pockets of the road; it’s pretty easy to miss them. They don’t use whistles or other signals as well, just a lame hand waive to flag you down. It’s easier when riding a bike - just look in the opposite direction (usually the right side of the road, it also helps if you wear sunglasses). This way you missed them ‘by accident’, don’t worry: they will not follow you - there is much easier prey for them than abandoning their favorite sweet spot to follow one single victim.

Link (Thanks, Chris!)