Drunk Astronaut Hall of Fame: Tintin's Capt. Haddock did it first.

BoingBoing reader Ehsan writes in with a correction to this previous BoingBoing post:

You guys made a mistake about naming Homer Simpson a pioneer of "drunk astronauts". Captain Haddock of the Tin Tin series was drunk and flying in space in 1954. Give him some credit! This link is to a scan of page 5 of the TinTin book "Explorers on the Moon" (1976), showing Haddock calling his flying whisky bubble back into his glass.


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    Reader comment: Julian Bond says,

    Destination Moon was first published 1950-53. Well before 1976. So even more amazingly prescient. I suspect if you go back to Jules Verne and From the Earth to the Moon the protagonists took a fine sherry or perhaps some claret with them, but I guess that's not quite the same!