Analysis: defense of Miss Teen South Carolina and Maps and Such as

Regarding the ongoing internet fun-poking at Miss Teen South Carolina and her love of maps, Jason Schultz says,

In response to the recent call to action by Miss Teen South Carolina, Maps For
Us started a blog of important maps: Link. My favorite is the map of Sparta: Link.

In BoingBoing's comment section, reader Tim Howland shared this revelation:

I think that everyone has missed something important here; she's actually been pioneering a new art form- a combination of Hindi Ghazal poetry and blank verse.

Look at the transcription:

I personally believe that us americans

are unable to do so
because osama.

People out there

in our nation

don't have that,

And I believe that our education

like such as south africa and

such as the Iraq.

everywhere "such as".

And I believe our education

should help the US

should help the south africa

and the iraq

and the asian countries

so we can build up

our future.

The themes are clear; she's worried about the way we are reacting to the war on terror, the way Osama Bin Laden still is free, and the way that we are being "educated". The irony is simply dripping from the last stanza.

She was able to deliver this call to revolution absolutely deadpan, cunningly pulling the wool over America's eyes- and people here have the temerity to mock her intellectual accomplishments? She is the latter-day heir to Rosa Luxemborg- only, without the boathook.

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