SRL: update on injured crew member

Survival Research Laboratories crew member Todd Blair has been in a coma for days. He sustained critical brain injuries from a post-show accident in Amsterdam.

SRL founder Mark Pauline says:

Good news. Todd is with Alex and Amy and is responding to Alex's
voice with hand pressure. Eyes open a bit. Resting again now. See Todd's
for details!

SRL: Link 1, Link 2. Recovery blog for Todd Blair is here.

Want to help? Todd's friends and family are collecting donations to help with Blair's considerable medical expenses, you can help out by PayPal if you're so moved: Link (donations go in care of Susan Maunu). I know lots of Boing Boing readers (myself included) have attended many an SRL show without paying a single dime. Now's a chance to give back some of the love, guys.

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