Thai food sparks terror alert in London

Dan says:

"London attacked by burning, spicy food — locals unable to 'Keep Calm and Carry On.' It all spells t-e-r-r-o-r a-l-e-r-t! (NOTE: the BBC provides the recipe in a sidebar in case you need to have "specialist crews" break down your door.)"

A pot of burning chilli sparked fears of a biological terror attack in central London. Firefighters wearing protective breathing apparatus were called to D'Arblay Street, Soho, after reports of noxious smoke filling the air. Police closed off three roads and evacuated homes following the alert. Specialist crews broke down the door to the Thai Cottage restaurant at 1900 BST on Monday where they discovered the source – a 9lb pot of chillies. The restaurant had been preparing Nam Prik Pao, a red-hot Thai dip which uses extra-hot chillies which are deliberately burnt.