HOWTO make a speaker out of a magnet, a cup, legos and wire

This homebrew speaker was hacked together from some legos, wire, magnets and a plastic cup — according to the build-log, it "performs very well"!

I didn't expect a high quality of the sound from this made-from-scratch speaker but it performs very well, better than I expected.

A speaker is just a magnet, a coil, frame and a cone or any material that can make the air vibrate. Here is the bill of materials that I used to build this speaker:

# List of materials 1 Magnet (neodymium magnet works great)
# 1 Business card
# Wire 32 or 34 AWG (you may use 30AWG)
# Paper bond
# Tape
# Glue
# Scissors
# Ballpoint pen
# Lego bricks or wood.
# Ruler.


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