Justice Alito bizarrely worries that if we prosecute presidents who try to end democracy, we will end our democracy (video)

Supreme Court Justice Samual Alito has clearly guzzled the MAGA Kool-Aid.

While considering whether Donald Trump should be granted complete immunity — as in king-like status — Alito, incredibly, suggested that prosecuting an outgoing president who tries to overthrow an election would be anti-democratic. Or, conversely, presidents who use anti-democratic tactics to topple U.S. democracy should be protected.

Alito's bizarre MAGA-style reasoning was summed up in a question to special counsel Jack Smith's attorney Michael Dreeben today, when he asked, "Now, if an incumbent who loses a very close, hotly contested election, knows that a real possibility after leaving office is not that the president is going to be able to go off into a peaceful retirement, but that the president may be criminally prosecuted by a bitter political opponent, will that not lead us into a cycle that destabilizes the functioning of our country as a democracy?" (See video below, posted by Nikki McCann Ramírez.)

Apparently, in Alito's upside-down alternative world, Trump was "the president" seeking to ride off in the sunset toward his "peaceful retirement" — back into the White House.

But then Trump's "bitter opponent," aka President Biden and the Democratic party, dared to object to his authoritarian tactics (e.g., encouraging an insurrection and concocting the Big Lie) in his quest to destabilize democracy and appoint himself as untouchable dictator. And for that, the Democrats are leading us "into a cycle" that destabilizes democracy.

Wow. That's ballsy, even for a questionably unethical, abortion-banning, conservative-turned-MAGA justice like Alito. Just more proof that if Donald Trump wins in November, U.S. democracy as we know it will cease to exist.