Canadian DMCA stalled, won't be introduced (today, at least)!

The Canadian version of the US DMCA copyright law has been stalled. Reliable word has it that the bill will not be introduced today, as previous planned. No one knows how long the delay will last — or whether the reintroduction will see the bill emerge with more balanced language and an opportunity for public input as well as input by Canadian artists, librarians, educators and industry.

Over the past couple weeks, we've rallied and sent thousands of letters and emails, called and shown up in person and in force at Industry Minister Jim Prentice's office. It worked. We have put a stake through this bill's heart. Next step: be prepared to cut its head off, fill its mouth full of garlic, and bury it at the crossroads.

Now this is a Hannukah present!


(Thanks, Mike, Hub and Deb!)

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