Funeral for a mainframe

The fun-lovin' computer scientists at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg held a funeral for their retired 47-year-old IBM 650 mainframe, Betelgeuse. The festivities included pallbearers who carried the machine out onto the frozen, snowy lawn, a brass band that played a mournful New Orleans style Amazing Grace during the procession (and broke into joyous Down by the Riverside when it was over), and an hilarious eulogy that was greatly appreciated by the attendees, many of whom sported prodigious, Unix-grade facial hair.

For forty-seven years you've served us well, you cast us in your
green spell. You processed transactions without complaint, we've asked
the Pope to make you a saint.

The users you were always able to please, with a little training they
could enter with ease, all the data they needed in 2 or 3 screens
instead of the 57 in VIP.

And getting data was easy in IMS, there were six hundred reports in
the RS. And Finance was easy with FRGLA, in the time when the
mainframe held sway.


(Thanks, Darren!)