Telecom Immunity bill dying, thanks to you — KEEP IT UP!

Hurrah! The Telecom Immunity Bill — which will let the phone companies off the hook for helping the NSA to illegally spy on Americans — is dying in Congress, thanks to your calls and letters.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation's Danny O'Brien sez, "Harry Reid just announced that given the complexity and contentiousness of immunity (which he says he backs Dodd in opposing) the bill will be taken off the floor, and not return before the holidays.

Your calls, your letters, and Dodds' filibustering did their work. Now we need to keep the pressure up, and keep telecom immunity off the table forever."

Here's the thing: EFF and others are suing the telecoms for participating in the wiretapping program. These lawsuits are the best chance we have of getting the details of the program into the public, so we can finally find out what the NSA have been doing to us all these years. The reason the government wants to grant the telecoms immunity is to keep the dirty laundry in the closet — to keep us from finding out how they've been breaking the law.

If we stop telecom immunity, we'll probably get to call the NSA and the government to account, too. If the telecoms get immunized, the government could get a walk as well.


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