Free e-book: WWII soldier in Changi prison camp

The Naked Island, by Russell Braddon is about "the experiences of an Australian solidier imprisoned in Changi for four years during World War II." It was first published in 1953.

River Valley Camp lay on either side of an especially foul little stream from which we were in the habit of fishing frogs for the purpose of conducting frog races and gambling thereon. This gambling was quickly forbidden by the authorities which ban we habitually ignored, our three-dollar monthly pay check having by this time been rendered valueless by inflation.

Apart from the frogs and the foul little stream, there were rows upon rows of dilapidated attap huts with two tiers of bamboo decking running down each side of a mud passageway. On each of these slept hundreds of men, whilst in the bamboo supports and decks and the attap roofing there lurked many billions of bugs all of them with Anglophobia.

The famous illustrator Ronald Searle was a POW with Braddon, and his prison-camp drawings can be found in the print edition of the book.