Free-fall "zero-g dance" to be performed this weekend, inspired by Hugo-winning novel "Stardance"

This Sunday, Jeanne Robinson, co-author of the Hugo-award winning novel Stardance, will perform the first piece of zero-gravity choreography onboard a "vomit-comet" free-fall jet, and the result will be filmed for Imax:

Wherever humans go, we bring our arts–and in zero-gravity, we will create amazing new forms of art never before seen, as our imaginations are set free by weightlessness.

Stardance combines artistic and humanistic themes with the backdrop of science and space exploration–exemplifying the grandeur, intrigue and promise of space, through the grace of dance unhindered by gravity.

The Stardance Experience is slated to be produced and presented in the 70/15 "Large Format" pioneered by the IMAX corporation. The film will push the boundaries of the medium, combining live action and digital FX to create an emotional and visceral connection with the audience.

The Stardance Experience intends to reignite humanity's fire to return to space – to reach ordinary people and communicate the majesty, beauty, mystery and transcendence that await us all, just above our heads: the bliss of the stars. Only from that perspective can we hope to create futures that exemplify the best in humanity.

Our birthright is the propensity to dream, dance, and evolve.

Jeanne's husband and co-author, Spider Robinson, is blogging all week in the runup to the flight, and has podcast a lengthy excerpt from Stardance as well.


(Thanks, Spider!)