HOWTO contract a sex worker in Silicon Valley

Writer and sex worker Melissa Gira Grant is now contributing to Valleywag. Here is an excerpt from her first item about a sector of the Silicon Valley economy that is rarely mentioned in tech biz publications (unless, say, some high-profile exec is caught in a transaction):

# Search sfbay area -> sby -> services -> erotic. Keywords you're looking for: "college," "tuition," "arrangement," "daddy."

# When you find a few likely prospects, email them. DON'T mention money or sex. Follow any instructions she's included, e.g. send her your phone number. She may ask you to confirm who you really are and where you work. She's not a cop — she's a contractor. You can have her call the front desk at your workplace and ask for you. She'll say she's your "trainer" or something.