UK tries to sneak in redonkulous new anti-piracy legislation

BB reader zestypete was among many who wrote in to point us to this bit of news:

Since Cory's not immediately available to kvetch about this, here's an annoying bit of news from today's Times Online in the UK:

"People who illegally download films and music will be cut off from the internet under new legislative proposals to be unveiled next week. Internet service providers (ISPs) will be legally required to take action against users who access pirated material, The Times has learnt.

Users suspected of wrongly downloading films or music will receive a warning e-mail for the first offence, a suspension for the second infringement and the termination of their internet contract if caught a third time, under the most likely option to emerge from discussions about the new law."

Now there's a bit of entirely unenforcable legislation that they're likely to push through regardless.