US customs bar fashionista druggie writer for "moral turpitude"

Sebastian Horley, a British author whose book, Dandy in the Underworld recounts his life of "sex, drugs and finely tailored clothes" has been barred from entering the US for a book tour, on the grounds of "moral turpitude."

On the one hand, this is a PR win for Horley, who'll probably sell a crapload of books on the back of this, but on the other hand, does US customs really think that Americans aren't capable of hearing some fashionista recount his drug stories without falling into a pit of dissolute decadence?

British writer and self-styled dandy Sebastian Horsley was denied entry to the United States after arriving to promote his memoir of sex, drugs and flamboyant fashion.

Sebastian Horsley was deemed "not admissible" by U.S. customs agents.

Horsley said he was questioned for eight hours Tuesday by border officials at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey before being denied entry on grounds of "moral turpitude."

The 45-year-old author was traveling to New York for the U.S. launch of "Dandy in the Underworld," his account of a life dedicated to sex, drugs and finely tailored clothes.

"I was dressed flamboyantly — top hat, long velvet coat, gloves," Horsley said. "My one concession to American sensibilities was to remove my nail polish. I thought that would get me through."


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