HOWTO Overclock an XO laptop from One Laptop Per Child

Wayan sez,

One major complaint about One Laptop Per Child's XO laptop, is the speed of its Geode LX 700 CPU that runs at 433mhz. Most experienced computer users find it a little slow, and often compare it to computing in the late 90's.

On the other hand, OLPC's target market, children in the developing world who don't have a Dell or Xbox for comparison, don't seem to mind.

Still, for the serious geek, there is an easy fix for a slow processor: overclocking. Our field tester results:

For the record. 566mhz is a 30% improvement in processor speed over the stock 433mhz, and 233mhz is a 40% improvement in memory speed over 166mhz.

On average, I saw a 21.8% improvement in usable system speed at these overclocked ratings.


(Thanks, Wayan!)

(Image: Measure on the XO Laptop, a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike image)