Cory and Randall "XKCD" Munroe at 3PiCon in Springfield, MA, Aug 22-24

I'm one of the guests of honor at this summer's Pi Con, the annual science fiction convention held Aug 22-24 in West Springfield, MA, appearing alongside of Randall Munroe, the creator of the brilliant geek webcomic XKCD. I'm really looking forward to this — I've never met Randall and I'm an ardent admirer of his work. Discount registration is open until May 31.

This year Pi-Con, the convention located in the belly button of the universe (or more specifically, The Pioneer Valley) is lucky enough to have both Cory Doctorow and Randall Munroe as guests of honor.

Pi-Con has a lot to offer. We have a gaming (both table top and electronic), panels of all types (including virtual and pool panels) and flavors (from hard science to gaming, web comics to polyamory, and quite possibly everything in between), and vendors to fit all your geeky needs.