HOWTO Bake a killer Yoda cake

Bonnie sez, "When Star Wars artist Chris Trevas told us his girlfriend and foodie blogger Julie Foxworthy baked him a one-of-a-kind Yoda birthday cake, I was super-impressed! So I asked Julie how she went about making this edible tribute so fans can put their oven to work making more Jedi Master confections!"

I then rolled out the green fondant into a big disc (about 12 inches and a 1/4″ thick). I carefully rolled the fondant back onto the rolling pin, so that I could pick it up and roll it gently on top of the cake. Once it was centered on top of the cake, I began to smooth it down. I smoothed down the top and bottom, but left the sides draped over and formed them into the ears. Once the ears were formed and the rest of the fondant was smoothed onto the cake, I trimmed off the excess fondant at the bottom of the cake.

Then I molded the eyes, nose, and mouth by just eyeing it. I had printed out some photos of Yoda from the web, and used this as a reference when forming the rest of the pieces of fondant for the face.

After the eyes, nose and mouth were finished, I applied them to the top of the cake using a royal icing mixture (just water and powdered sugar). And that's it! Yoda was done!


(Thanks, Bonnie!)