Today on Boing Boing Gadgets


Today on Boing Boing Gadgets Rob sipped a new variety of Bawls that is root beer-flavored; we spied a concept ring that heats up once a year to remind you of anniversaries; gave the Sony VAIO TZ subnotebook a review, crapware and all; found a long-term review of the SPOT Satellite Messenger emergency beacon; admonished you about the tiny treasures found in our Flickr groups; uncovered a plastic helmet for baseball caps; questioned HP's hazy connection between its new workstations and DreamWorks; pondered some glow-in-the-dark wallpaper; tried to help Rob boost his Wi-Fi while he thought about taxes; considered how long it might take for a company selling Hackintoshes to get crushed under Apple's heel (apparently, not long, as their site is kaput); bowed our head and accepted our fate as servents of a tabletop kaiju miniatures game; discovered the diminutive son of a nose hair trimmer and a pepper mill; found an easy way for you to waste fifty large on skewered junker cars; pined for a motorized, remote-control paintball turret for our very own; looked at Jeff Atwood's numbers on extending laptop battery life (no DVDs, soldier!); simultaneously lusted after the new Sharp/Willcom D4 UMPC while wondering which engineer from Psion was sacrificed on a windy, Japanese mountaintop; discovered that sticking a tube of radium in your eye isn't as harmful as it may at first seem; and noticed that Hasbro has finally seen the light and will be issuing an updated, action-figure-scale version of that old favorite, the big ol' Millenium Falcon. Then some deals and retro links (including insect/bunny men hybrids?)