Fixing the "Text entered was wrong" bug

We think we've fixed the problem that interferes with posting comments, and gives would-be commenters an error message that says:

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:
Text entered was wrong. Try again.

Here's the word from tech guy Jonathan Schreiber:

I believe that we have fixed the root cause for this. BUT users could still see this problem if they have an old cookie that was set pre-fix (the fix went in [on April 15th] around noon). So my suggestion for all BB commenters is to logout (via the logout link, upper right), then log back in again.

After doing a logout/login, the cookies and session will match and they won't have an issue with the system "thinking" they're logged out any more (i.e. no more "text was entered wrong" error messages).

Go. Do. And if you still have problems posting comments, or technical problems of any kind, please let us know. If you can remember to take screenshots and give us your system info, that's good too.

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