HOWTO make "rotten shark"

Worried that the uric acid in the shark you just caught makes it unsuitable for consumption? Try "rotten shark" — putrefied, buried, dried shark jerky, an Icelandic "delicacy" that is even more fun to read about than it is to eat:

Take one large shark, gut and discard the innards, the cartilage and the head. Cut flesh into large pieces.Wash in running water to get all slime and blood off. Dig a large hole in coarse gravel, preferably down by the sea and far from the nearest inhabited house – this is to make sure the smell doesn't bother anybody. Put in the shark pieces, and press them well together. It's best to do this when the weather is fairly warm (but not hot), as it hastens the curing process. Cover with more gravel and put heavy rocks on top to press down. Leave for 6-7 weeks (in summer) to 2-3 months (in winter). During this time, fluid will drain from the shark flesh, and putrefication will set in.


(via Making Light)