Lovely curved bookcases

Architecture firm Triptyque designed this gracefully curved, apartment wide bookcase for a client in Sao Paolo. I have major bookcase envy.

I love these shelves that Brazilian design firm Triptyque created for a private apartment in Sao Paulo. They look perfect for lining the walls of spaceships, or as bulkheads. In fact, they are pretty much serving the function of bulkheads in this apartment, since the shelf winds all the way through the whole place, and serves as entertainment system, bookshelf, and cubbyhole warren. Above, you can see it with all the little cabinet doors closed. See below for what it looks like with them open, and also to see the rest of its sections.

Link to IO9 (no direct link for Triptyque: like most architects, they have a goofy website with bizarre navigation and no way to directly link to anything)

(Thanks, Marilyn!)