OpenTech conference, London, July 5

Hurrah! The OpenTech conference is returning to London! I wish I was in town for it, but I'm going to be overseas. Co-organizer Sam Smith sez,

At the last OpenTech in 2005, the Open Rights Group was started. For 2008, the conference includes a State of the Nation from ORG and NO2ID, describing where we've come from, and a look forward to where we're going.

Also in the lineup is "Power to the people – Power of Information one year on" with participation from Richard Allan, William Perrin and Tom Watson MP on how Power of Information is changing the UK Government, and what we can do with it.

Plus, another 18 sessions on everything from Porn to Baird.

5th July, Central London, £5. We expect the event to sell out, so please book in advance.


(Thanks, Sam!)