Scan of Li'l Abner venereal disease comic strip


Stephen Worth of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive says:

Today, we posted another installment in our ongoing overview of the life and career of "Li'l Abner" creator, Al Capp. This one is a doozy… It features a 1967 parable on the subject of venereal disease titled "The Lips Of Marcia Perkins." The only explanation for why this comic strip was allowed to run in family newspapers is that editors at the time were just too dense to understand it!

Also included is a drop dead funny sequence where Li'l Abner invades the competing strips, "Mary Worth" and "Steve Canyon;" pressbooks, puzzles and ads featuring the characters; and vintage cover stories on Capp from Life and Time magazines. This series of posts is turning into a definitive online book on Al Capp. Enjoy!

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