Call for steampunk designs to be lasered into moleskines

Modofly — who laser-etch designs into moleskine covers — are hosting a contest for new designs for the next batch — one of the themes is steampunk:

Get your steampens and steambrushes (maybe steampunked computer?) ready artists! We are looking for steampunk art in a BAD way. We are really excited about this. We already have some of the hottest steampunk artists working with us, but maybe we don't know about you, we have been trying to get you, or maybe this will be your first steampunk attempt. We are looking for artwork with airships, gears, steam engines, steampunk fashion, anything fun and retro-futuristic (we aren't going to get too picky as long as its super cool). We can't wait to unveil these books and showcase the artists, so make sure you have a shot at the action and send your stuff in today!


See also: Dan Hillier's tentacle horrors — now on moleskine notebooks!