ResQtec Ram makes mincemeat out of cars

I'm not sure what I'd use this for, but I would just love to own one of these ResQtec V2 Rams:

Modern cars do a good job of absorbing the impact of a head-on collision: The metal in the front crumple zones deforms in specific ways, sparing the occupants the brunt of the kinetic energy. The downside – a bad crash can create a hardened-steel trap around the driver and passengers, making it tough to get them out in a hurry. That's where a good hydraulic ram comes in, like the 27-pound V2. Rescuers wedge the end of this $3,030 cylinder on the inside of the door sill and an aircraft-grade aluminum rod extends to push against the windshield pillar. Its 5,000-psi hydraulics deliver spreading force of up to 12.7 tons – more than enough to crack open your wrecked ride like a pistachio. The V2 can create a 31-inch gap in a mere 13 seconds – increasing the odds that once you're free, you'll be rushing to the car dealer, not the emergency room.

The ResQtec V2 Ram Wrenches Trapped Drivers Free in 13 Seconds