Bush-McCain "Tijuana Bibles" at DNC

Ethan Persoff (the fellow who is covering the riot police at the DNC) has printed a special edition of his (X-rated) McCain "Tijuana Bible" to hand out to folks at the convention.

Uncivil Society reports:

Any complete account of the evolution of communications media in the twentieth century must include the Tijuana Bible — small pornographic comics featuring bootleg versions of popular comic strips and celebrities.

In Denver this week, delegates to the Democratic National Convention will have the opportunity to get printed versions of this Bush-McCain Tijuana Bible, presented as a replica of a prophetic 1934 comic from Lieberman's Lil' Squeezer Books. Whatever one's moral stance regarding porn & politics, it's a rather clever piece of neo-retro performance art.

Bush McCain Tijuana Bible at the Democratic National Convention