StressEraser, pocket biofeedback system

The StressEraser is a pocket-sized digital biofeedback device designed to keep you calm in the face of stress. My friend Jerry Michalski's pal has been carrying one for at least a year or so and loves it. Jerry says he envisions that these kinds of devices could eventually be integrated into mobile phones. I've played with the StressEraser a few times for brief periods and it's quite intuitive and fun to use. Over at Cool Tools, George Brett wrote a positive review of StressEraser too, saying it helps him relax and sleep. I have no problem with either of those tasks, but I do suffer from info overload and deadline stress quite a bit. Knowing me though, I'd stress even more if I didn't see immediate good results from using StressEraser. It's $299. From Cool Tools:

 Cooltools Stresseraser-Sm
This small unit measures the effects of breathing on the parasympathetic system in order to help you feel calm and relaxed. My doctor actually prescribed it for me. The results are subtle but pretty amazing. My major successes have been trying to get to sleep at night. I fire up the small playing-card-pack-size box, which runs on two AAA batteries. Then I insert my finger into the trap door on the top left and begin working to control my breathing pattern. If you haven't used it in a while, it coaxes you to reset date and time. Then it begins with a straight line.... and you begin to breath. What the manual recommends is that you breath in through the nose and then exhale from your mouth.

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