Cards as Weapons, by Ricky Jay

Bookride, a blog about the collectable book trade, has a post about magician/magician historian/actor Ricky Jay's long out-of-print but highly-sought-after book, Cards as Weapons.

200809091248.jpg VALUE? Copies show up a bit creased at around $(removed) and twice that for fine copies. Signed should show up as Jay is pretty approachable and was often seen at book fairs etc., being a serious book collector. God bless him. Magicians are often pretty serious book collectors – at one time one heard quite a bit about the highly acquisitive David Copperfield and his awesome collection. It is worth noting that there is also a hardback of the book that is much prized and dealers (who are not mad) sometimes ask $(removed) or more for it, although a cautious punter could probably pick one up in the $(removed) to $(removed) range – in a jacket.

OUTLOOK. Ricky Jay, for some reason, will not allow the book to be reprinted. Only lousy copies drop beneath $(removed) (there is one on AMZ at present 'good only, with an "S" shaped bend to it' for $(removed)) Signed copies are becoming difficult — only one is available right now, and in paperback, at $(removed) (signed 'The meagre efforts of a callow youth., Ricky Jay'.) The hardback seems to be showing up more and generally copies are coming home to roost a little. Unless someone finds an abandoned pallet full of them it should hold its value but is unlikely to ascend in price.

Cards as Weapons by Ricky Jay