You don't need to send money to China to keep your domain

A good friend of mine got this email about his Canadian .ca domain from "" telling him he needed to send money to China or he'd lose his domain. Needless to say, it's a scam. Thought you'd want to know!

*From*: "Laurence.Rockefeller"
*Date*: XXXXX
*Subject*: XXXX inquiry
Dear XXXXX ,

We are one of the Domain Name Dispute Resolution (DNDR)
Committee members authorized by ANIC(Asia Internet Network
Information Center).

Now we have something urgent need to confirm with your company.
On the Sep17, 2008, we received the GoldenSunshine
International Investment Group's application that they want to
register the " * XXXX * " as their Internet Brand and Asia
Pacific domains. Considering these domains and internet brand
would involve the intellectual property of your company's
name,patents,trademarks,and copyright, and in order to avoid
confusion between them, so we inform you urgently. If you
considered these domains and internet brand are important to you
and there was necessary to protect them by registering them
first, please let someone who is responsible for trademark or
domain name contact me as soon as possible.Thank you for you

I am waiting for your urgent reply,
Kind Regards,
Dr. Laurence Rockefeller
Chief Law Officer,Senior Consulting Director

Internet Brand Justice & Safety Dept.
*Asia Pacific* *TradeMark Solutions Ltd* (Branch Office)
*Help Dispute Tel:* +86-10101-75620-6698 ext.888 (Mon–Fri,9am
to 6:30pm,GMT+8)

Asia Domain Name Registration Limited – Scam