ABC3D: the best pop-up book in the world

I've just acquired the single most beautiful book I've ever owned.

It's called ABC3D, and it is an unbelievably witty and well-made pop-up ABC book, produced by Marion Bataille. It's one of those books that could only be a book — there's no way this could be an ebook or a movie (though the little video above gives you an idea of the thing, it's a poor substitute) or an audiobook or whatever. This is the apotheosis of book, something you have to put between covers to really, really appreciate.

You can see the transitions in the video above. I'm especially fond of the sheet of tracing paper that turn O and P into Q and R; of the tension-bridge U, the mirror page that turns a V into a W, and the hypnotic S.

At $20, this is a serious steal. I don't care if you've got a baby or not — if you love books as artifacts, you will love this book.