Pile of Suitcases wardrobe

I love this student design-project: a wardrobe made out of a pile of suitcases:

Now showing as part of Dutch Design Week, the graduate show at Design Academy Eindhoven includes Maarten De Ceulaer's A Pile of Suitcases. Designer de Ceulaer graduated in 2008, and already his Pile of Suitcases is garnering lots of attention.

While the project seems simple enough–a wardrobe made from a grouping of suitcases–it evinces de Ceulaer's peculiar philosophy of combining the poetic with the practical: "I try to base my designs on a strong, simple and pure concept… to question what I see around me, and translate that in an object. I think poetry, humour and communication of ideas are very important aspects of my designs, but at the same time I want to make useful and functional objects with that way of thinking." A Pile of Suitcases wardrobe comes with "well-measured compartments" and "steel profiles [that] keep the pile firmly together." In its construction, the piece responds to the very real needs of its user.

A Pile of Suitcases

(via Cribcandy)