Amazing Al Capp At


Stephen Worth says:

Today, we posted more amazing "Cappiana" from the collection of cartoonist,
Mike Fontanelli at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive, including…

• Al Capp's infamous "Jack Jawbreaker" story — a devastating satire of the
notorious exploitation of Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
by DC Comics.

• More than a dozen rare Wildroot Cream-Oil strips, as well as original artwork
and Nat King Cole's version of the jingle.

• Two complete Fearless Fosdick stories, including Capp's over-the-top
masterpiece of surreal violence, "The Case of the Chippendale Chair
(or Kiss The Blood Off My Springs)"

Capp's sense of humor was decades ahead of its time, predating the sort of
sick humor that is so popular in comics and cartoons today. It's amazing what
he got away with in "family newspapers" during the 50s!

CAPPtivating Heroes: Jack Jawbreaker and Fearless Fosdick Fight Crime