Text-adventure game award-winners of 2008: Everybody Dies takes bronze!

Writer/game designer/film-maker Jim Munroe sez,

IFComp 2008, The 14th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition and keeper of the old-school text-game torch, recently declared its winners. Bronze went to my game, Everybody Dies, silver went to Eric Eve's Nightfall, and the gold went to Jeremy Freese's Violet.

Everybody Dies puts you in the shoes of a chubby metalhead who has smoked his last smoke, with illustrations by Michael Cho; Nightfall drops you into a mysterious city where everyone's fled before the approaching Enemy; and in Violet your struggle to write your dissertation is aided by the most charming voice-in-your-head character in history.

All 35 of the comp entries, playable with interpreters, are available at ifcomp.org, but Violet and Everybody Dies can be played online

Congrats, Jim!

Everybody Dies Takes Bronze at IFComp,

Everybody Dies review at Play This Thing!

(Thanks, Jim!)