Xeni's TV/movie reviews on Fancast: South Park, 007 LOLs, Lost In Space, "Transamerican"... (update!)

The folks at Federated Media, who sell the sponsorships that keep Boing Boing (and Boing Boing tv) going, invited me to write a bunch of television and movie reviews for Fancast.com, which you can read more about here.

A disclaimer, in the interest of transparent über-sharing: I was paid to write these posts, and the site is an online video hub run by Comcast.

I wasn't told what to write about or not write about, and my work wasn't edited or modified in any way, so I picked freaky stuff I genuinely liked, and in a few cases, had some sort of personal connection with.

Each post is about something you can actually watch on Fancast, for free, no login required -- full-length movies, tv episodes, or trailers. You have to sit through ads, but IMO, it's not a bad deal.

Here are my posts so far (click on the links to launch them):

* Battlestar Galactica 1979, the original series, back when Starbuck was a dude.
* How great Matt Stone and Trey Parker are (to wit: the current South Park season, Team America revisited, and Cannibal: The Musical, a Trey Parker side project).
* The schlocky scifi television classic Lost In Space, shown at left.
* The spectacularly bad spy movie spoof Casino Royale 1967
* Transamerican Love Story , a transgendered-themed reality dating show starring two BoingBoing friends/readers/frequent link-contributors.

I'm due to contribute a few more items. I was surprised at just how much weird stuff they have available to view on the site -- stuff I'd actually watch. If you see anything really obscure and wonderful that I should write about next, nudge me in the comments here.