Missing inflatable breasts mystery -- solved!

The 130,000 missing inflatable breasts that went astray between China (where they were manufactured) and Australia (where they were to be included as a give-away in a dumb lad's magazine) have been found: they were on the wrong boat and ended up in a box in Melbourne.

They had been due to dock in Sydney last week, but have since turned up at a Melbourne dock, where they've been sitting for a week.

Workers are now frantically working to put them in bags to go out with the December 15 issue.

Ralph editor Santi Pintado said the incident had cost the magazine $30,000.

"If we'd found them a day later, it'd have been too late to get them on the next issue," Pintado said.

"You'd think the Chinese economy was in enough trouble without misplacing 130,000 pairs of boobs."

Missing inflatable breasts found

(Thanks, Itsumishi!)