1970 video about collecting comic books

Joey Anuff let me know about this entertaining short video from 1970 about "Captain George" Henderson, proprietor of Canada's first comic book store in Toronto. (I was expecting to see a 10-year-old Cory browsing the racks, but no such luck.)

George Henderson lived, ate and breathed comics – years before it would be popular to do so. A lifelong fan of superhero comics, old adventure strips and science fiction, in the 1960s he parlayed a dead-end writing career into a successful life as a bookseller and retailer. Established in downtown Toronto in 1967, Memory Lane Books became a mecca for generations of comic fans and is considered Canada's first comic book store. In this clip from 1970, Captain George discusses his then young store and the emergent hobby of comic collecting.

Adds Joey, "Captain George also did a radio interview with the CBC two years later."


Another awesome CBC video about comic book collecting, this one from 1979. I love the shirtless Frazetta enthusiast!