Now we are nine: Boing Boing's birthday!

Nine years ago today, Mark posted the first-ever Boing Boing post: "Street Tech Reviews and news for gadget-lovers and propeller heads of all stripes." Nine years later, I find that I've somehow written 22,412 blog posts, and that all together, we've published 46,398 of the things! Boing Boing is crack for me. Every interesting thing I do or see, I itch to blog. When I stop blogging for a few days, I find myself scribbling notes of things to blog on bits of paper and shoving them in my wallet, until it swells up like a paperback that's been dropped in the tub.

This site has grown to be livelihood, confessor, community, pulpit, notebook and outboard brain, all in one. It throws out pods — BBtv, Gadgets, Offworld — and attracts happy mutants from all over the world and from every discipline. The nicest thing anyone ever said to me was, "Cory, you're one inch deep and ten miles wide." Boing Boing makes a virtue of that peripatetic approach to life.

I often hear from our readers about how much they look forward to reading Boing Boing. I get it — because that's how much I look forward to writing it.

Thanks, gang.

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