RIP, Atomic Ed Grothus, curator and proprietor of the Black Hole of Los Alamos

Tom "FidoNET" Jennings sez, "Atomic Ed Grothus died in his home today, age 86, after a long illness. If you have never met Ed, or visited Los Alamos Sales Co, better known as the 'black hole' (as Ed said, 'things come in, and never leave') your life is poorer. Artist, curmudgeon, proprietor, anti-nuke activist, Ed was a pain to those who deserved it and a friend to the rest of us. Even his 'enemies' (loosely speaking of course) admired or at least respected him, as he was always honest, spoke truth, and was never afraid.

Ed you SOB we miss you already."

Ed Grothus, the legendary proprietor of the Black Hole, a long-standing Los Alamos NM fixture, artist, anti-nuke activist and irritant to death-and-bomb culture proponents of his chosen home town, died at his home today after a long illness.

Ed was well respected by all, even by those whose work he opposed, and his grouchy but amused countenance will be missed by all that knew him. The world is a poorer place without him. He was thrilled to live long enough to see Barack Obama sworn in as president.

Ed Grothus, 1923-2009

(Thanks, Tom!)