Stupendous coral reef panorama

Amadee Coral Reef New Caledonia in New Caledonia

Jeffrey sez, "Of all the ~15 thousand spherical panoramas on so far, this one nearly made me cry, it is so breathtaking.

This is why 360 / spherical / qtvr photography exists. Images like this remind me why I became a 360 obsessed maniac 7 years ago.

Yes, the CERN panoramas were nice. But I dare say, this one is even better…

Photo is by Richard Chesher, one of our members.

You can scroll down the page for more nearby underwater panoramas.

Finally, an important 'easter egg' – for the super-psychedelic experience, be sure to right-click on the panorama and select either 'little planet' or 'stereographic' projection and zoom out."

Scuba diving is the closest I've ever come to religious ecstasy, to visiting an alien world, to becoming a weightless, disembodied spirit flying over a scene of perfect beauty — and this captures that sensation neatly. Goosebumps.

Surrounded by stripy fish in the amadee coral reef (spherical panorama)

(Thanks, Jeffrey!)